Zoo By the Creek

Hello all you animal lovers!  These are all my 4 footed kids.  Please tell me about yours.

Cat:  Nikki

He is my kitten cat love.  He is a long haired Siamese cross, born in 1993.  He is pretty lazy just like his mom.  He has the prettiest blue eyes.  He is my friend and my confidante.

House Rabbits:  Sunny, Ceemore, Miss Willow & Beans

Yard Rabbits:  Pirate, Itters, Jersey, Mopsy, Sidney & Junior

Sunny and Pirate are brothers and Pirate is Dad to Beans, Ceemore and Itters.  Bandi, Mom to these died.  Itters is Mom to Jersey, Mopsy, Sidney and Junior.  Smudgy, Dad to these died.

Chinchilla:  Chilly Bean 

She only had 3 legs when I got her, was missing a front leg.  Then she hurt one of her back legs and it had to be amputated.  Surprisingly she gets around really well with just two legs. 

Hamsters:  Smokey Joe & Tommy 

Smokey Joe is a gray and white teddy bear hamster.  Tommy looks a lot like the logo for the I Have A Hamster EP group

Guinea Pigs:  Rodney, Bubbles, (babies) Miss Chatterley, Rusty & Bo

Rodney is short haired all white.  I named him after the GP in the movie Dr. Dolittle.  Bubbles was given to me by a friend.  She is calico.  The babies will be 4 weeks old Feb 17. 

Gerbil:  Pepe la pew

He is black and white and looks like a skunk.  He is the first gerbil I've had that uses his wheel.  And does he love to run!

Dogs:  Reggie Boo Baron & Foxy

I adopted Foxy. a pale red Pom, from the animal shelter when he was 9.  He was abused before I got him and is scared of EVERYTHING.  He is 14 now but except for his muzzle turning white you would never know he was that old.  Reggi is a black & white Shih Tzu born in Nov of 2007.  He really has  an attitude.  When he gets in trouble he stands up on his back feet and looks at me like "Who are you to get mad at me!?"

I don't know where I would be if it weren't for my animals.  Simply, they are my life.

So, that is my zoo by the creek.  I really would like to hear about yours.


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3 Responses Feb 15, 2009

When I'm not at work I'm at home letting animals out to run and cleaning cages. HAHA Most of my free time is taken up by my 'kids'. I guess it is a good thing I love 'em:)

Wow, a great family of friends! ..How do you manage?<br />
<br />
My congratulations to you!

I would love to be surrounded by such lovely friends.