Its Not Coming Back!!

if she does this again she loses my trust
my mother. she once logged into my ereadr and demanded to see very email i had ever had.
she went through both my emails and even though i dont do anything like sexting or pics or vids or anything at all like that
i looked her in the eye and asked her if she could not do that
i would tell her anything she wanted to know and she knew it
she was just bored and wanted to stare trhough my life
sift through and find anything bad for her to exploit
sh searched through every secret.
not mine either. my best friends. my boyfriends. my whole pack.
she searched through as i stood helpless when she was done i was ready to punch the wall in so i looked at her and told her.
u can go through anything about me. stare at my feelings and pick apart my soul but then u go through the secrets and lives and sadness and happiness of my pack. my best friends. u must earn my trust if u want it back.
she also went through a special book i share with my friend (alyphant) and we pass it back and fourth documenting everything. EVERYTHING!
she went through my diary before my eyes.
i was fuming but i stayed in control and told her.
she didnt go through my email, diary, a and e book, ipod, or anything until today.
she stole my ipod this morning when i had promised to kik my boyfriend cause he was going through some very rough stuff.
he is going away tomorrow because the closest family member to himis dying.
alot of people he loves, die. alot.
he spilled his deepest secrets to me and i to him.
now we r stronger than ever but he needs me and she has taken my contact with him and is sorting through everything he has told me.
after us balling until 12:30 we began laughing by saying dumn stuff to try and cheer our broken hearts.
she is privvy to all this now. i dont trust her and never will again.
unless she can prove she will not betray me she is not my trusted
i still love her and will protect her but this is who i am
fiercly loyal
fiery love
honest and fun
thats me. get over it mum.
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

she didnt read through it this time
i think shes is becoming better! i love her
sorry guys dont be mad