This Is Me. And I Wouldnt Change It!

i am 170cm of awesome.
45kg of muscle and epicness hahhha
i love sport and being fit
i sometimes fear not being fit or sporty but i love it too much for that
i love being high in the sky. climbing anything. flying. diving. abseiling. hiking.
i love swimming. weightless. wicked.
i love dancing. however i feel it comes trhough my body. I love being flexible.
i feel everything fully. i dont do anything half way. i am stubborn and determined. once i make up my mind it can change but only for the good.
i dont just feel sadish. i feel deep sorrow.
i dont just feel happy. i feel a glowing ecstacy and glory shining in me
i dont just feel madish. i feel furiouis. fuming.
i dont just kinda like. i love with everything! i trust fast. very fast but i dont beleive too fast. i lve very fast but i dont think too fast either.
i love with my whole body adn put everyhting into what i believe.
i want to act and sing and dance and peform and i will.
i will do that because i know i can. people say things like its a tricky buisness and all but i dont care. i wil do it. i love showing people how i feel and entertaing. i love moving and peforming anyway but im not over the top.
i beleive actions speak louder than words so i do what i say.
i am not someone who emails and text what they cant say in real life. i am very confident and crazy. full of energy always. i am very protective of those i love. if i love you u will never be hurt. my love and i spoke of what we were here for and he is a hero, a protector, a saviour, strength.
i am a light for people. when there is sadness or **** in the air. im here to clear things and to make people happy. thats what i was made to do. be funny flirty happy crazy and to infect people with those feelings.
i love music in every way. every shape and form. I am cossete in our musical this year.
i love success but im not addicted to winning. I am dux 2 years. I am smart and not ashamed to put my hand up and voice my oppinions.
i am feircly loyal and fiery in love. i dont lie. people can say what they want but i know who i am. i love adventure and thrills. tey idea of the future excties the hell out of me. so much to see and do. i make the most of every moment. there is so much more but for now.
this is me!
fridaygurl fridaygurl
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

growing still. now 172. filling out. 10DD... haha
good feeling someone liking... thank you xx
not getting a lot of love for who I am right now..

One minute...ur 170 cm tall and only weigh 45 kg?????? I so ENVY u right now....

you are amazing and perfect

wow! thanks girl!