Thistleclan Cats

Leader: HalloweenStar-Ginger tom w/ black legs,black circle around left eye,black tail,black splotch on back,black-tipped ears. Green eyes. Lives: 7 Mate: None (played by: AmuletCanine)

Deputy: Sunstorm-light sandy colored she-cat w/ blue eyes. Mate: None (played by:?)
Apprentice: Rosepaw

Medicine Cat: Healingleaf-pretty she-cat w/ soft white fur,sapphire eyes. (played by: AmuletCanine)

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Hazelheart-honey colored she-cat w/ one blue eye and one green eye. (played by:?)

Warriors: (Toms and she-cats without kits)

Robinflight-gray tom with white ears and amber eyes. (Played by:?)

Zebrafang-white tom with black splotches that look like stripes and green eyes. (played by:?)

Daisyflower-golden she-cat with a gray tipped tail and ears and brown eyes. (Played by:?)

Augustleaf-autumn colored tom with dark green eyes. Apprentice: Thornpaw (Played by:?)

Mistjump-gray she-cat with hazel colored chest and emerald green eyes. (played by:?)

Wolfstep-light brown tom with red paws and a red underbelly and yellow eyes. (played by:?)

Fernhorse-speckled colored brown tom and purple eyes. (played by:?)

Ghostclaw-pure white tom with blue paws,ears,chest and red eyes. (played by:?)
Apprentice: Bubblepaw

Lavenderstrike-light Ginger she-cat with purple paws,muzzle,tail and blue eyes. (Played by:?)

Apprentices: (cats in training to become warriors)

Bubblepaw-gray tom with aqua eyes (played by:?)

Rosepaw-brown she-cat with lavender eyes. (played by:?)

Thornpaw-golden tom with gray eyes. (played by:?)

Queens: (she-cats nursing or excpecting kits)

Crystalglow-gray and white she-cat with hazel eyes. (played by:?)
Mother of Robinflight's kits:?

Elders: (toms and she-cats retired)

Coaltail-black and Ginger tom with crystal green eyes. (deaf) (played by:?)
AmuletCanine AmuletCanine
13-15, F
Jul 27, 2010