Painful Thong Wedgies

Ok one day I was taking a nap and my sisters slipped some of my twin's on me ( a mini skirt, a belly cut shirt, a purple g-string with pink flowers, a training bra and socks ) and all my sisters planned this and I woke up by a atomic wedgie and I opened my eyes and saw all my sisters laughing and I kick and scream trying to get down and I kicked my oldest sister on accedent and she started bouncing me while my other sisters are hanging on my legs and it was flossing my butt and then they let me down and my twin asks me how do I like her plan and I just glare at her then they duck tape 2 big water bottles to my hands and hang me by my thongs legholes and make me drink the water and when I have to go to the bathroom really bad they let me still hanging and I pee all over the thong and they let me up there another few hours then they ask my twin if she had an American thong, panties or bikini and she says yeah why and they tell her since she's new at this they tell her they're gonna hang me up like a flag and she has a big grin and looks at me and she gets her bikini and they force it on me and she says she couldn't decide between the thong bikini or regular one and she thought they would want me to torcher me a lot so I was hung up by the thong one they they bring me down and hook it on the front and they launch me up and I was in so much pain I screamed like a girl for a few minutes and they are craking up and they finally let me down and my twin wanted to know what els they did to torcher me and they say they make me wear a bikini at the beach and they all wanted to go swimming and I had to wear the same bikini I had on like I had it and it was so far up my butt and they told all the hot girls at the beach that I was a boy and I like getting wedgies from hot girls and those girls hung me from a tree and this is the first time my twin went swimming with us and when she walked outta the changing room and I was like whoa and she was wearing a tini tiny bikini and she comes over to me giggles grabs a hand full of sand and opens the front of my bikini and drops it in and pulls on my legs and leaves me hanging and my twin is older by an hour so her and our older sister come at me and all of them are hot and they know I think that so they bend over and have their ***** showing and they looked at me and saw that I had a ***** and they laugh and leave me again for an hour and a half and come back get me down and we go home then they let me dress in my clothes and I go up to my room and say nothing.else to them and my twin came up a little later and comes and hugs ans says she's sorry and I hug her back and she said she didn't want to do it but I didn't want to get wedgied either and I forgave her cuz she had tears in her eyes and I hate seeing girls cry and we feel asleep together hugging
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5 Responses Feb 17, 2013

How old are all your sisters!? Did they get in trouble?

First of all you are a wimp for not fighting back and second you have horrible grammar.

WIMP shuda told her to suck your **** you bloody idiot


How is that funny!?

Dude your family is ****** up