I Saw My Teachers Thong

So i was in six grade one day and when i was in math class my teacher wanted to walk around the room and look at our homework so when she was by me she bent down to look at the persons Home work while she bent down her green lace thong was showing and she put her hand on her butt and found out that her thong was showing. so when she came to me she told me not to tell any w=one so i said ok then i got a ***** and shes like whats wrong and im like nothing then she points at my **** and im like oh and i kind started to pee my pants but it was a good day.(true story mrs. curlo twinoaks middle school.
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1 Response Jan 21, 2012

That's hot. I saw my Spanish student teacher's pink and black thong Freshman year. It was hot and so was she; all the senior guys thought she was hot too.

thats cool i saw my spanish teachrs thong too it was hot but hers was white