Father Ralph

I remember the first time i watched the Thorn Birds on t.v., i was so smitten by Richard Chamberlain's portrayal of father Ralph...the forbidden priest. I felt every inch of Meggie's pain on never having Ralph to herself....he loved god more..
The beach scene was fabulous....you felt their joy etc...;)
I need to find the box set on dvd....
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Hmm., I just read the wiki, seems interesting. Will mark it for watching.

I have started watching, and I should say, lot of interesting conversations. Particularly, the ones on Ralph's faith, and the one on 'perfect priest' etc.

Right, Iris. So real.
The one with Frank, where he compares himself to a vessel.

He had conflicting aspirations, at times one rising to a high and the other falling to a low and then in turns. At the beach, it got all mixed up, LoL, Beaches can do things to you. :-) :-)

Another thing I found fascinating, was the diversity in acting of Meggie's role, in that aspect she probably outsmarts Richard. From the oomph of youth, to marital discord, to chiding Richard, then as a mother and connecting back as a daughter, she makes an amazing transition in acting, which one doesn't notice in the first few episodes.