He Was Not the Man of My Life ;0(

I'm in my 40's and still looking for tha special person, someone to complete myself and make me feel the most special and luckiest woman in this world.

2 years ago I met this blue eyes guy (that is my weakness "blue eyes") phisycally nothing match with my expectations just the beautiful eyes but the connection starts whe he opened his mouth everythins he saids was perfect, we laugh a lot, we enjoyed each other company, when we were together it was just "GREAT", we never fight, just smiles, have fun, laughs, and great sex.  But the problem was when we were NOT together...  he never called me, never did anything to show me any interest on me or at least he was thinking on me, I had to say all the time "I miss you, I want to see you" then he said come to my place and if I did everything was great; but if I did NOT so he disappeared for days, then weeks and finally months.

When I try to talk to him and said how I feel, when he did that; he always blamed me and never let me talk,  so we tried to fix it 3 times; but everytime he said "we were closer and feel more connection to eachother" was exactly when he disappeared again ; but this last time I never call him again, so after a while (2 months) he text me that "he was thinking of me" that was it, no "I miss you"  "I want to see you" nothing, I did not answer; a week later he did it again, I anwered and told him my dad was at hospital, he just said "sorry Ill pray for you and him" that's it 

Last week, I was remembering exactly a year ago we were in a very nice weekend trip celebrating his birthday and we have a lot of fun together (something that he told me everytime he sow the pictures) so I felt so sad, lonely and  text him a "happy B-day and that I miss him a lot and I can't stop thinking of him", he just said "I was thinking of you, have a nice weekend" 

That COLD answer broke my heart but finally show me he is and probably never was interested on me at all, so why he continues texting me that he is thinking on me????


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He not really ready to have a marry type.. He may be a player that think him self not of the person he with.. PS I'm Single Man 30ish white 6ft slim would you like me if so reply at dtime39@facebook.com I'll love to here from you and a photo too mine in my profile in facebook

Sounds to me like you fixated with and could have been to much to soon.... I put a story up called "What if " its similar to yours ....... have a read maybe help by seeing it from the other side