A Stressful Week

So, in my line of work, people's lives and property are always on the line. Mistakes often have very serious repercussion, and thus far I've been able to avoid these kinds of costly mistakes. But as we all know, everyone makes mistakes.
This week, I made one of those mistakes, and hopefully it'll be the last time, because this week is one that I never want to re-live.
One of our clients had lost a substantial amount of property, and they were looking for a scapegoat. Even though it wasn't entirely my fault, I am the only person they see, therefore it's all on me!
There was talk of further action against me and my company, which would surely cost me my job, and a **** load of money too. If they went through with it, I would've had to sell my assets, and look for another job. I would pretty much be homeless.
So I was on site today, and at about midday my employer sent me an sms saying that I need to come in to the office to see her...boy was I stressed! For the rest of the day I could hardly concentrate on work, and I was constantly distracted by images of me being forced to move back in with my parents! NOOOOOO! This is the worse thing imaginable.
To make it worse, on my way to the office, I was stuck in traffic for about an hour and a half. I'll tell ya, theres no better way to brood over your impending doom than the stressful, slow moving, jam-packed streets at 5 in the afternoon.
So at long last I reach the office, and I'm ready for anything. In my mind I've given up on my job, my flat, my car...the whole lot! I even contemplated running away and living up in the mountains as a hermit for the rest of my life :p
Well, turns out that all she wanted was to confirm something totally unrelated, which she just wasn't to sure about, and oh...'by the way', she said. 'Don't worry about that client, it's all sorted out'
Luckely we have people to handle those kind of situation. We call them 'talkers', cause that's exactly what they do. They handle difficult clients with nothing more than their tounge...they rock :)
So, I still have my job, and all my belongings, and it's WEEKEND!
All is right with the world.
TCat TCat
26-30, M
Jul 20, 2007