BOY!!! Was I wrong!!!! Been with him for 6 years now all his skeletons are coming out of the closet!!! You just don't know anyone anymore....
Turns out he's still married to someone else legally and he has 2 kids from her....
And she's been filing child support all these years from him.
Just my LUCKKKKK !!! Meeting this horrible man!!!
I do have a 5 year old son from him too!!
Makes me want to do a background check on the next guy I meet!!!! This is so unfair!
It breaks my heart!
The funny thing is... He tells me that he doesn't even know me at all and that I'm selfish... When he clearly lied about his marriage and kids. He still tells me they never legally married just showed up to the court but never sign papers lol!!!!!! He is such a pathological liar!!! And the two kids he said one of them isn't his! And I ended up finding a pic of his kids and that kid looks exactly like him lmao!!!
Can someone just shoot me so I don't have to think about this madness anymore!????? Going crazy over here !!!!!!
Just watch out who you meet... You never know who that person really is....
sasamigirl909 sasamigirl909
36-40, F
Aug 22, 2014