Just A Thought

Remember by remaining to be yourself and accepting others for who they are, keeps the relationship honest for better or for worse allows mutual respect where both parties can move forward without being hindered by repressed feelings of all kinds.

Its fair to say that we generally treat people how we want to be treated but keep in mind that their level of expression may not be the same as our own and should be considered in the conduct and exchanging between ourselves and others for allowing the acceptance of appreciation and gratitude when least expressed but most valid.

I share this thought to refresh that little things can go a long way and while we all have the capacity to be considerate and thoughtful we are not universal but individually different and by accepting those differences can allow us to acknowledge a gesture or kindness from even the most closed of personalities and allow them to receive appreciation and gratitude in return.........Just a thought.
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2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

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Yes, the little things can certainly go a long way