And I'm Still Alone

I had been through some issues i thought would drive me totally crazy... I've Been though depressions, eating diseases like bulimia, and cutting my wrists almost everyday.... Well... I'm Still through them... Not like before... But they are still here... You know, sometimes i just feel so, nobody really understand what i feel, i told about my problems some people i though i could trust on... But... Some of them... Like my mother... They tried to help me, its true, but they think i'm crazy. I don't know... I'm too damn scared to trust on anyone. I'll heve to deal with this alone... But sometimes....well, most of the times, it's stronger than me. I just need someone to talk with, and who i can trust.
I'm sorry if I made some mistake, i'm not from USA or england....english isn't my first languagr :)
Crsmln Crsmln
May 17, 2012