An Eclipse of My Eye

In April 2004, I had had a wild sexual frolic one night, during which I could feel my blood pressure going through the rood through the back of my neck and head, and for those of you who think this is a pleasant way to die, which I thought I might, let me undeceive you. It was most painful, frightening, and UNpleasant!

When I awoke the next day and opened my eyes, I saw a filmy black residue before my right eye. I started blinking, thinking there was some foreign matter IN my eye. However, everytime I opened my eye it was still there and right in the center of my field of vision, hence blocking me from seeing very well out of that eye. I had never experienced anything like it and was quite alarmed thinking that I might go blind.

I got an appointment with an eye specialist that afternoon. I didn't tell him about the sex because I was somewhat embarassed that it had led to this (although I did tell my general practitioner when they were trying to attribute the problem with my eye to my state of being a borderline diabetic). The eye specialist put me on a regimen of one 81mg baby aspirin per day and asked me to come back the following week to let them take pictures of the inside of my eye. He did look inside my eye on the first visit, by first placing those drops in that dilate one's pupils and blurr one's vision, and his diagnosis was that I had a blocked blood vessel in my eye and that it was from my high blood pressure and my state of borderline diabetes, as I mentioned partially above.

When I went back to take the pictures, on the second visit, again, the drops, then they injected me with something. Almost immediately, I got an overwhelming urge to vomit my breakfast. The technician gave me a garbage pail to wretch in, although, in the end I did not vomit and the urge subsided. It was an extremely intense and unpleasant feeling!
AFTER it happened, THEN, the technician told me that that is sometimes a side effect of the dye they'd injected me with to make the vessels in my eye photographable. I then told them that if they had told me that that might happen, even though I couldn't guess the intensity of the experience before it happened, I wouldn't have let them do it! In any case, it was over with.

If I remember correctly, on that second visit, which was approximately two weeks later, the black sheath in front of my eye had completely vanished. After the pictures, the eye specialist also said that the blood vessel that had been blocked which was causing that effect, had opened up again. He also retracted his statement that it was damage from a borderline diabetic state, although I had to approach him months later to get him to remove that statement from my medical records, which he finally did. I have had no trouble with my eyes since, except for chronic dry eye, which I treat with over the counter artificial tears, and am very careful not to have any more heated sexual romps when my blood pressure is up, thank you very much!
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I, too, have had an experience like this.

I'm sorry that it was unpleasant for you....<br />
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however that's hella funny =P