Why Don't I Just Close Thad Damn Door Already??

I can't stand the way I am feeling tonight. I feel dissaponted,hurt and tired of feeling like this.... After all we have been going around in circles for almost 4 years now and everytime we get close, you drop the ball on us. I want to cose the door, I want to move on....I keep having expectations, big expectations from you and every single time I end up like this. Why can't we just get along, why can't we understand each other and be in the same page?? I am so frustrates just about now....I have refused to let go of this entirely, I have placed my life on hold and I can't seem to get through my thick head that who you are doesn't make you a bad man, just not a man for me. I can't accept the fact that although we feel great love for each other, love is not enough!! Sometimes I hate the person who I've become, but not because it makes me unhappy, but because it prevents me from being with you and accept the world you live in. We are so different, yet we have shared most of our lives together and I think that at this time in our lives is time to take the bull by the horns and accept the fact that we can't change each other....I still miss you and cry you everytime...
sandylo sandylo
26-30, F
Jul 18, 2010