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I missed this period. I am frequently 3 days late and thought nothing of it. 5 days later still no period. Took a test and it was negative. 3 days later and I still didn't have my period, took another test and it was negative and that was last night. Today, I got my period. But it doesn't change the fact that I had every pregnancy symptom on a list of like 13 symptoms except for 3! My husband thinks I have the flu since I had fever and chills. never in my life have I had a period with every single symptom on the box to its most extreme degree including some which were NOT on the box! As it turns out, I am exactly unlucky enough to beat impossible odds and end up having a late and awful period combined with having the flu at the same time! I have every flu symptom on a checklist of 6 except 2 or 3 of them. But I still feel TERRIIBBBLLLEEE!!!! AHHH!!! It is sooo horrible! To think I only have a week left of this is heaven since I have been suffering now for 2 weeks with it getting worse every day. About 4 months ago I missed a period, and ti was negative. Since I did not have all these terrible and exotic symptoms, I thought nothing of it and knew the test was accurate and waited all the way til the next month til I got my next period without taking even a second test. But this time I had to take 2 and still hadn't totally believed it. Last night was really insane. I had dreams that were like my mind was a 5 year old filled with toys and babies and small children and play areas and my past childhood. I had mood swings that made it seem like I was an insane person and was crying then laughing then passing out in the space of 5 minutes with a side of dizziness. I ahve been feeling like I'm on some kind of weird drug for about a week. Finally, I have gotten my period and I am relieved the symptoms will end! Quite honestly I would love to be pregnant and it is my dream and cannot wait to get pregnant. My husband does not so it all works very much in his favor. i even had a real good oppurtunity or chance to get pregnant and that was another reason why I was thinking I was, because I had had sex where his *** got in me on my very most fertile days! So yeah...I have gotten my period and am NOT pregnant. I reeeaaallly reallllyyy hope pregnancy would not be as miserable as this!!!! I have never had a period this intense and weird my whole life!

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I'm in the same boat. In between December and January, which was when I stopped taking my birth control pills. So here it being a couple weeks later, I'm having cramps and tender nipples like early pregnancy symptoms. I took a test and it came out neg, but I'm still not convinced yet. I kind of want to be pregnant, but I'm not married to my boyfriend yet and he's not ready. I'm not financially ready, but I was forced into an abortion almost a year ago. Unfortunately, symptoms of getting off birth control pills fit the symptoms I have had. I also haven't engaged in unprotected sex. But I guess either way, I'm happy.

Someone suggested it may have been a early miscarriage. I looked up the symptoms. I had a lot of the symptoms. And a lot of risk factors. I was smoking and drinking and also taking ibuprofen and also taking cramp bark pills(a homeopathic remedy, the cramps were terrible) and also period pills(the symptoms were getting to me, I did whatever I could, using everything in my capacity), and I take psychiatric medications, and also my nutrition has been very very bad...so I did have a lot of risk factors. The bleeding was less blood but very thick blood, so gross. Gooey and sticky and stretchy and like tiny fluffy slime balls...<br />
how would I know? I wonder...