Sad Marriage

i thought i can solve any kind of problems in my life. my friends told me i'm very strong inside.  how wrong they were!!!

i've been married for little over 3 years and we have a 5weeks old son.  from the beggining of our marriage we rarely had sex. maybe once in 5 months. my husband is only 30 years old and he is not wanting to have sex. we hug, we kiss but no sex.

i've spoke to him sooo many times that it really hurts me emotionally and sometime i want to quit our marriage.  his respond is always the same.  he doesn't think this is a problem and he believes many people have same issue but they still live together. i don't know  what to do anymore.

wind wind
31-35, F
2 Responses Nov 9, 2007

Is he gay?

at least you have a kid to show for this marraige which means the sex was good at some point. i have no kids but all the bullshit. i know its devastating though.