The Pain In My Heart Wont Go Away

'Always in my heart' he would say,

'Baby, Let me take your pain away.'

'I've caused you so much hurt for all these years.'

"You've cried for me to many damn tears.'

'Don't let me turn my back on you,

I know the love you have for me is true.'

'You don't deserve me your heart is so pure.'

'But now I'm leaving you for another girl.'

'I never could love you the way you thought'

'It was never love we always fought'

'I only married you because of our son'

'Don't worry, I would never run'

'but I wanna move cross country'

'I Don't consider that running'

'Come and have sex with me upstairs'

'It was an accident bringing you there'



RabidusDecorus RabidusDecorus
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 20, 2009

oh man what power behind those words.<br />
i hope the time since then has numbed some of your pain. i know things like this scar but i also know you have a world of potential! and even though im a stranger probably a world away ill always be rooting for you!