But Does It Have To Cheat That Much?

I've got more problems than I can count.

Life is unfair to the extreme.

That said, it is even more important to grasp every shred of joy you can in this life. Life won't give you pleasure or happiness, you have to take it for yourself.
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Thanks, your answered helped me to understand what 'fair' was being ba<x>sed on, kind of like, an 'as if ', I mean; I've heard the saying about life on life's terms, and as rotten or difficult as it may seem sometimes, does also seem that upon reflection, there can often be value in what was difficult to experience or learn.

Life is unfair in many ways. Good people suffer, evil people prosper, children are born with HIV or get cancer very young. <br />
<br />
But I imagine it would be worse if life WERE fair and we really deserved all the terrible things that happen to us.

How is life unfair? Is that a daft question?

Thanks for posting this! I believe this is true. Life has a way of fooling us all. We must cherish every little joy before it's gone.