Who Are We to Say

Life is truly unfair ,praise are constantly given to the dead whether they deserved it or not . Their sin and the wrong they commit ed are instantly forgiven as if death fixed all the sin they did in life . It is truly unfair that the living who do make restitution for their sin are not forgiven by any means .We live in are society where no ill can be spoken off the dead as if they could be offended . We forget the harm they cause ,especially if they were offensive . Forgiveness should be reserved for the living , where it can make a difference .

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I would have to believe forgiveness is more that forgiving of oneself . Forgiving come from other to not prejudice their thought against you . Whether in relationship or fellow man . <br />
As for the dead they are dead , don't know if judgment come before or after .

You had no comments on this story and so I had to say this.....Forgiveness is not for the forgiven, it is truly for yourself, but it has to be true in the heart in order to let go. As for the after death thing, that may reflect our human beliefs and wishes that we would want to be forgiven for our sins and granted a blessed eternal life of some sort, no matter how bad our wrongs have been. It doesn't necesarily mean that that horrible person doesn't face some punishment after death.