Dont Know Where To Beginaken

my life probably doesnt suck as much as many peoples. i life in a decent town go to a nice school and what not. but everday i seem to get into a stupid argument with my parents. and usually i end up getting all my stuff taken away. whenever i tell my friends they laugh and agree that my parents r ridiculous. especially today i was playin xbox and the were yellin for me to help they with the groceries i come down like 2 minutes later and they r just off-the-wall pissed off at me. they ******* act like i just killed some1. and they r like HELP ME WITH GROCIERIES. and im like calm down so i bring in like a ton of stuff and i kick the door open and drop something and all of a sudden my mom ******* tells me over and over again that im the worst son ever. so i look for my dad to back ,e up or something and hes like i have to agrree, uve gone over the top this time. im like WHAT?! what did i even do??? then he told me to leave the house. and i went upstairs. 10 min later i came back downstairs to apologize and they r like what r you doing here LEAVE THE HOUSE and after screaming at me for like 30 min they said, since u want to help us can u bring the garbage up for us.... REALLY? this **** happens everyday and theres nothing i can do about. and on top of that they embarass me they hit me they take out their anger with life ON ME. and then theres my little princess sister whos PERFECT. now thats another story. if anyone agrees with me please comment or at least let me know what i can do. thanks

xproblematicx xproblematicx
18-21, M
Oct 18, 2009