You, Yes You...

I thought about you today when I woke up and was told "Don't ******* touch me you *******!" by my wife stemming from an argument we got into last night. It was not so much an argument as it was a screaming ******* fight but whatever. I though of you because you accept me for who I am and see that I am a good person with a lot to give. You actually have an interest in things I have to say and can relate. I thought of you today.
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2 Responses Aug 14, 2010

You are fortunate to have a sig in your life though , right?<br />
I havent had one for years. Im starting to get the itch even though i pushed many away due to not wanting to get hitched i only wanted "affairs" or relationships i guess i really want a committed one now. Im so so ready to fall in love again! I LOVE that feeling!

Yes when it comes to acceptance, sometimes, something legal or rightful in the name of law (ie the husband for the married one) has always been taken for granted... and so something that is forbidden or unavailable (ie with someone outside lawful right - lover or someone's husband) has always been exciting and super good. I wonder why?<br />
<br />
I agree with MissGuided I too have someone "though unavailable" who accepts me loving, appreciates me and has very strong connection with me - even if he will never be mine, I am truly blessed to have him as my lover and that is greatest gift for me.