....Carissime I want To Love You More

...I love you
with passion of a thousand suns
the heat of a thousand summers
the riches of a thousand years
the dreams of a thousands moons

the warmth of a thousands poems
the nights of a thousands lovers
the beauty of a thousands roses

the life of a thousands forests
the touches of thousands winds
the singing of a thousands birds

want to love you more
because you mean
so much more to me

antoni45 antoni45
56-60, M
5 Responses Dec 13, 2011

I liked this poem. I am happy for you both. Love is a beautiful feeling. I know.

Such a beautiful poem for a beautiful love. I wish you both all the love and joy you could ever dream of! Dreams do come true!

thanks Windy...I like your hair..a lot

That is very lovely

thanks Bear

You're welcome :-)

Wow how very blessed to be loved like this.

I am blessed to be able to be in love with such beauty and goodness

I could only ever dream someone would write something so romantic for me. It's beautiful!

no problem let me fix that for you

what do you think now

hahaha thank you. you're a kind man. :)

and you are so beautiful carissimi...can I call you corason...?

after what you did for me, you can call me anything you like, Antoni. :)

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