I Thought Of You Today...

  I thought of you today. No, i've been thinking of you everyday since that day. You invaded my mind and most of my day is full of thoughts about you. I talked to you today, after 3 days, the distance made me think about you more and the sadness inside me is wiped away by you. Instead, there is a strange guilty feeling crept inside my heart again, after it was gone for sometime.

I was wrong one more time, once again I gave you false hope, giving you false hope so that you would hold on to me, think about me. My selfishness told me to not let you go, keep you close by so that I'll never loose that feeling of being loved by you but I said the wrong thing again. Why would I hold on to you when there's nothing I can give you in return? The freedom I gave you, I let you go for your own happiness and mine but why did you come back again?
  don't come back and I'll let you go, even if my selfishness is telling me not to, I'll lett you go yet again because you are someone who I can't hold on to and shouln't hold on to.

  Today, you said you'll wait for me, you said you're very happy and will aways wait for me...
  How long is always?
  How long would that heart stay as gold?
  This impossible love that you said, I cannot believe in it and I won't. Years apart, oceans apart, that's no love for me, just longing and suffering.
  How can i love you like that?
  Today I thought about you, about me, about us.
  today I realised that I was wrong again, I was wrong for holding on to you...
  Today I thought of you

zerohan zerohan
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 18, 2012

Very nice. this made me think of someone I have been trying to forget.

Thank you, I've been trying to forget but the more I try, the more I think about him..