That Great Feeling When You've Found Somebody New.

I love that feeling that you get when you've met somebody new. You know the one, they are a bright spot in your day, they make the troubles of the world slip away.

I met you just a couple of days ago, you are so wonderful, witty, intelligent, sensual, playful and above all you make my heart sing with joy every time we talk.

Getting to know you is one of the greatest things in my life at the moment, a bright beam of light, in the turmoil that surrounds me at the moment. Sure the turmoil will pass, but the hole you fill just makes you that much more special to me.

I wake up thinking about you, then more during the day, especially when I'm getting ready to sleep, hoping to dream of you too.

I long to take things further, to feel you in my arms, but for now I'll take what you have to offer, secure in knowing the fact that more wonderful things lie in the future.
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1 Response May 8, 2012

I really relate to this. It's what makes the cyber world so fulfilling to me. And when the spark lasts beyond the initial excitement and you know you found somebody very special, it changes your life forever.

I'm glad you relate, there is nothing like that initial excitement and yes, the challenge is to sustain it long term. That's what really separates the wheat from the chaff.