My Mentor

I think of you I ran my hands over your gifts. Memories visit me from the past. My sweet grand ma..nana..thats what I called you. I remember your hair style a comb stuck in wet hair from shower..and making the perfect round bread..before its baked I use to make holes to indicate eyes and mouth..and then sprinkled sugar ovver it  ..too much..but you allowed me to indulge in all sorts of non-sense.
I can not remember you scolding me..I miss you i touch your gift...a string of pearls. Not real , but a real gift to adorn my neck ..making me look like a pretty little girl, wearing a skirt and blouse..I am not pretty nor fair and having curls was not making me cute either..I never wanted to look at the mirror, so i used to look into your eyes and watch for an expression..
Visiting your friends house was entertaining for me, although no one talked to me directly except when they offered me cookies. I silently, watched you making perfect conversations.
As per your advice, I would remind myself to put on a fake smile..hmmm.without a smile I was a disater to look at :))) my little used to caution me. Let people smile at you..I loved to smile since then and till today whenever I am forcing a smile for others..your smiling face I see. You are no longer with me. my best mentor..the one I lived my childhood as a buddy.
I never felt the need to make a friend..never learned to be jealous for your love and care made me a fully passionate person. I became beautiful, not for my appearance but as people could relate to me and smile with for me.....thank you nana for teaching me to smile....really :))
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1 Response Jul 31, 2012

What beautiful and wonderful story.... and hope you smile with the happy memories of her you have.

I do remember her and it gives me reasons to smile. Thankyou for reading my story.