Not Just Today, But Everyday

How can this be just today!
I thought of you today.
I missed the conversations that we didn’t have, I missed you today, everyday for past so many days. I thought of your smile. It was there wherever I see, it was there in the echoes of the rain and the promise of the sunshine, the sound that your voice makes when you say “hi” and I thought of your smile. I thought of your beauty, and the way that your mind fascinates me…. complex and still simple, the way that your mind fascinates me. I thought about us today, the history and the promise, the pull that keeps bringing us to this space and time, the knowledge that as long as I breathe air, you will always be inside me, the love of eternity, gone but not forgotten, never fully apart.
You've always been a support to me; something so hard to find. We have shared so many moments together; laughter, joy, and sometimes even rough weather Yet you have always stood by me. You have been a teacher, a guide, a pillar of hope, you've made me smile; helped me cope.
I thought of you today and sent to you love, and light, and beauty…. I thought of you NOT today but EVERYDAY, and I smiled.
youngmoon youngmoon
31-35, M
2 Responses Sep 14, 2012

Beautifully written, really expressive with your wording relating to your emotions, hope the girl your talking about is feeling the same way:)

thank you for giving me wishes and hopes.
wish she feels the same way.

That's beautiful :)

thank you:):)