Miss Me?

I got a text today
all it said was miss me?
i told him
Miss me?
is what i got back...
Haven't heard from him for 2 days..
haven't been with him for a month
my body and heart betray me,everytime i see him
i look like i lost my best friend,lover and man i love...
he can see in my eyes how much i miss him.....
wants to be with me soon?
I want him yesterday,today and tomorrow..
I think of him everyday.

fawnfrancis fawnfrancis
36-40, F
1 Response Sep 20, 2012

Crazy how a 2 word text or seeing someone come on line can take our minds to a wonderful place. There are a few names that pop up on EP that give me an instant erection.

I know.....

How long since your last time?

it's been 2 weeks,and i miss him so much..
i want to text him but am scared he won't answer back...