You're Still Very Much A Part Of Me

As I look up to Heaven on this dark November night, there is something that I want you to know. Even though we’re worlds apart, my love for you continues to grow. If I had never met you I would probably be a lost soul searching for my destiny. I would have no idea of where I am from. I would not even know my name. I was a wanderer on a road that never ended, I never knew what peace really was. My heart trembled in fear and pain. Deep down inside I was so lost. I never knew how to express myself, or how and when to smile. All I had was the shirt on my back, and a bag that I carried for many miles. I walked for years without direction, taking paths I had never known. Following a star shooting across the earth, I thought that I would always be alone. Through deserts and mountaintops, forests filled with trees and life. Through caves and deep canyons, every day and night cut me like a knife. Then one day I walked down a busy street and saw you, a beautiful girl with a map. I thought that it was interesting so I approached you, and I asked you what you did with that. You told me that each object stood for something, and every single road led to another place. You said, “You could follow it forever.” You could imagine the look upon my face. I told you that that was my life. I never stopped walking until that day. I told you about all of my adventures, and how I just let fate lead the way. It led me to a precious treasure, one I could never trade or sell. It gave me peace and understanding, and with you in love I fell. You taught me how to settle down, showed me how to love and be kind. You opened up parts of me I never knew existed, even in the darkest parts of my heart and mind. You were the greatest friend I ever had, the joy I always needed in my life. You were more than a woman to me, you were my first love and wife. We traveled the world together, we saw things we had never seen before. We sang sweet songs of love and the like. You were everything that I have ever lived for. We promised each other that we would always be together until the end of time. In my heart you still live on, you’re always here with me in my heart and mind. Until the day that we are one again, I will be right here where I have always been. Until our hearts are reunited in Heaven, I will long for our love to begin again. I will continue to love and miss you, from now and for eternity. Wherever you are you still have my heart, you’re still very much a part of me.
adamw adamw
36-40, M
2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

This is so beautifully penned I wish i could go on reading more .......

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I hope his around ...