I thought about you today. I thought do you really exist? I thought why my heart beats so swiftly when my thoughts race to you.
I know reality gives some other pictures it has repeated same things over and over again ,revealed straight on my face I am not needed. I don’t have the courage to deny them coz they can’t be denied whatever be the reason behind.
Still my heart longs for your touch, wants to hear your whispers, longs to gaze into your eyes ...but do you really exist.?
I feel you are my sculpture made of fantasy and dreams.
In my heart of hearts may be I wanted to feel loved and give love so I made you come into my dreams ,loved, caressed ,showered all my feelings just like a child who plays with her doll visualizing all her dreams and wanting to give them shape and life to make it come real .
Yes I am convinced You are not real or else things won’t turn the way it is. Its all in my mind and I see and visualize things which my eyes crave to see amidst the sea of people and things.
trappedwings trappedwings
31-35, F
Nov 29, 2012