It was a beautiful hot spring day
They both really only wanted to play

He said to her
Is like to make you purr
And she said well see
Only If you'll listen to Me.

So they danced and they played
Only to feel something hollow
She couldn't lead him and he wouldn't follow.

So then he told her he loved her
That he wanted her heart
Asked her to follow Him
That broke her down
Tore her apart

Walls and people in the way
Said he would wait
Said he would stay
He built her up and loved her
Cherished and adored
Something she`d never had before.

Saying and doing things that blew their minds
Things only done behind closed blinds.
Her smile like sunshine lights up his world
This man knew wanted this girl.

He'd drive for miles just to see her, just to talk
Didn't matter how far, he would walk.
After breaking down the walls and the people of the past
She finally said yes, she knew it would last.

A collar of jewels to say that she's mine
My Princess Pet
Till the end of time!

Happy anniversary My Beautiful Red Haired Princess!!

Your Loving Master
luna612 luna612
46-50, M
1 Response Jan 11, 2013

i am so proud to be yours. It is us. the struggle of how we came to be. my fear of love. And your determination to stand with me and building me up. How you helped me climb my own walls. and the fact that one day we will hold each other and love each other like no one else has. You are mine and i am yours. Happy Anniversary my Pirate Prince.