When I Thought I Was Wrong

On the last week before chinese new year, i suddenly had lots a good friends, which is kind of weird. Everyone liked me. It was like a dream come true. I became really close to a person i call amo. Hes friends with me because of my humour. Hes cool. Hes my classmate. One day he kept calling me 'intan payung'. I was curioused of what that meant so i research and discovered that it means 'my love'. I was kind of suprise. Does he even know what it means. I start to have feeling towards him. People tells me he likes me by the way he treats me. But to me he treats everyone the same. Sometimes i get jealoused. But i dont overeact. He was known as a tempered person when we were in form one and i am known as the girl who never get pissed off. Me and him gets along well. I was surprise to see him quite a sporting person now that we're in form three. I am falling for him a little. One day i bought him a grape yoghurt drink and the day before the holidays he bought me a yoghurt drink back. Until now, i still havent drank the drink. I loved it so much. No one ever buys anything for me. He is kind of a special friend to me. I love it. We always text and he is the one who calls me first. Is he falling for me? More important, am i falling for him???
Mutikarat Mutikarat
22-25, F
Feb 10, 2013