Now I'm Too Old

I don't think I'm too old but the girls I'm attracted to do. I'm not about to make a fool of myself by approaching them. Girls my age don't even appeal to me either physically or emotionally. I know I'll either have to spend the rest of my life alone or make a compromise that would make things worse. The worse part is that I am in good shape and it will be a long time before I die.
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3 Responses Jul 19, 2010

A life alone is a life of suffer. A life with another is a life of trial. A life in constant contemplation <br />
is a life of misery. Choose not what the tree offers you for fruit, but chop it down and make a BBQ fire. Carpe diem but do not dwell on perfection cause it is the source of imperfection in ourselves. If you are in good shape the shape would be appreciated by those who eventually matter. In the end, the choice of happiness rests on the choice of attainable goals.

Bud, your full of ****. there are times in our lives where we just need to take stock of where we are, where we want to be. THEN do what needs to be done to meet or make our goal. I did it, I did it at 40, I am 59 now, I found someone, so can you. Stop whining and do something about it, even at 59 I have had 30 somethings make an overture, and believe me I am not good looking or wealthy. Just be yourself, be understanding, be considerate and be honest, it will pan out, oh, and be receptive.

Do NOT make a compromise - never compromise on a person to spend your life with - it isn't worth it - it becomes a life sentence with parole being a very hard thing to earn!!!<br />
<br />
Also, don't give up - you are young still (imho! LOL!) and you have a lot of years of life ahead of you! My cousin didn't marry the love of her life until she was in your age bracket and she is, I quote, "the happiest she has ever been in her life!" She will be married to the man I introduced her to 10 years next month! Don't give up!!