The Door Is Closed.

So don't try to get your foot in it. You are intruding. Stop bringing me food because I'll just meet you in the parking lot and take it from you there and throw it into the dumpster when you leave. I'm terribly sorry that you are lonely, so am I, but not so lonely that I want to hang out with you and listen to stories about how all the men in your life have mistreated you Yesterday you brought over watermelon for an appetizer and tried to feed me a scheiss sandwich for the main course. I told you my door is closed. You are the one who wasted your life loving and nurturing the very male archetype who did not love you in return and now you think we'll just live happily ever after. You are one of those who would have rejected me because I lacked many items on your socially acceptable, normal checklist. I didn't make the grade then but you see value in me now? I'm better off by myself, without your drama, so stay away. The door is closed.
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2 Responses Jul 31, 2010

Did you ever hear of second chances? Did anyone ever give you a second chance. People make mistakes.<br />
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If you can't relate, move on, bro<br />
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let it go.

Revenge is a confession of pain