The Beach

The husband an' I went t' th' beach one voyage. 't be when he be still usin' his cane. I had been t' that beach before an' knew what 't be like. I told th' lad's 't be a very pretty place wi' a lot o' nice scenery. We be goin' down some narrow wooden stairs t' th' beach, th' lad's first an' me followin'. He be lookin' ou' at th' scenery an' say "This really is great sceneAAAAHHHH....." an' vanished from sight. Th' stairs had ended an' 't be jus' sand. He wasn`t lookin' 'ere he be goin' an' meant t' put his cane on th' next step, but thar be nothin' thar an' he fell over! He scraped his leg an' everythin'! That be sooooo entertainin'! I still yo ho ho about 't when I think o' 't.
katnipkitkat katnipkitkat
41-45, F
Jul 7, 2012