You Cant Teach An Old collar Dog a New Trick

Churchgoers in Bristol were shocked earlier this week when Simon Waddington burst into St Anne's church in Oldland and shouted at the vicar giving the sermon: "You are a fornicating adulterer."

Rev Martin Parry, a 57-year-old married cleric, exclaimed "How dare you!" at Simon but he was not to be swayed, and told Rev Parry that he had no place leading a service in church. He then explained to the whole church that the vicar had been having sex with his wife.

Simon found out about the affair with his wife Sally after discovering a number of emails sent between the two that outlined their crimes. He had found them after Sally had said she wanted a divorce - the conversation itself being relayed in one of the emails to the randy Reverend. Simon later discovered they planned to run away together.

The pulpit showdown put an end to the affair but also to Simon and Sally's marriage, as Simon said he couldn't continue with her after learning about the vicar. He had earlier tried to salvage the relationship.

The emails were little more than short love messages but explained the extent of their relationship. In one the vicar says: "I shall feel frustrated in church - because I want so much to gather you up in my arms and tell the world around us just how much you mean to me and how much I adore you."


At one point he questions the validity of marriage - not an ideal standpoint for a vicar: "Is a marriage meant to be a cross, a life-long cross dutifully and sacrificially born?" he wrote. He also seemed to like Sally's voice, at least that what we presume following this email: "I will be in touch on phone and then I shall hear your lovely voice - boy, don't it turn me on!!" He hopes Sally isn't "too knackered" another time after a night of passion with her.

Sally meanwhile enjoyed the salaciousness of it all. Signing off each time with kisses and sometimes with love and cuddles, she enjoyed the thrill of the affair, writing one time: "Simon still not home; makes me want to put off facing him till tomorrow, by going to bed early. I was late last night. Ooops he's home now. Better go, for better or for worse, as it were. Love you very much, always, Sally XXX."

It looks as though her ecclesiastical bonking is over though. When confronted in the church by Simon, the reverend ran out the church and hasn't been seen since. The church said it was investigating the situation
in all.

Rev was drunk at services

A vicar who confessed she was a swinger and turned up in church drunk was defrocked yesterday.

The Rev Teresa Davies was banned from practising for 12 years after a church tribunal found her guilty of "conduct unbecoming or inappropriate to the office and work of a clerk in holy orders".

She told two other vicars that she and her husband took holidays in the South of France to swop sex partners. They left coded entries on a swingers' website signed Tess and Mick.

Mrs Davies also admitted she had a drinking problem. She turned up drunk twice at evensong and once at an advent service in Holy Cross and Welton churches in Daventry, Northants.

A VICAR has confessed to a string of late-night visits to a red- light district with a married schoolteacher.

The Rev John Astill, 65, was discovered in his car with 38-year-old Ruth Thompson.

The blonde mum says he was just giving her marriage guidance.

But despite her insistence that their meetings were entirely innocent, the married clergyman is quitting his parish.

The Bishop of Hull ordered him to stop seeing Ruth,

Gloucestershire vicar is lending his support to a nude calendar by displaying the images in his church.
The Rev Stephen Earley from St Martins in Horsley, launched 'Exposed 2005' after a service on Sunday commemorating the genocide in Rwanda, Africa.

"I've been very impressed by the calendar, the pictures have all been very tastefully shot," he said.

The charity calendar, featuring local women, aims to help survivors of the genocide and victims of rape and HIV.

More than 5,000 of the calendars, costing £10, have been printed.

The launch of the calendar on 26 September marked the 10th anniversary of the genocide.

Rachel Stevens, 45, who appears for the June entry, helped organise the project.

She said: "The widows left in Rwanda are now dying. It's a horrendous situation.

'Tasteful manner'

"About two years ago we wondered how we could raise some money for the victims of the genocide.

"We decided to do a nude calendar, but wanted to do it in a tasteful manner. The results are a powerful and sensitive set of photos.

"The calendar is more evocative than provocative which is how we wanted it, considering the juxtaposition of nakedness with the subject matter."

The women were photographed by Angela Williams whose work is on display at the National Portrait Gallery.

Jones, the vicar of St Peter and St Mary, Stowmarket, Suffolk, confessed to fraud totalling £17600 and pleaded guilty to two charges of dishonesty, ...

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