i look at this place and it makes me sad,

how has everything turned out so bad...?

i use to see this place and know i have a home here, 

friends that wont disappear, 

well im the one disappearing now...

no one noticed.... 

i see people... friends or so i thought, 

now i wonder why i fought,

why did i fight to want to stay? 

other than one who is nameless, 

i feel...shameless, 

i feel my own words wont be read, 

why did i even post this, but i still do...

why didnt you care? how come im seeing only what should have been?

i see now... this world i lived in,

this world i loved, 

never really loved me....

this world,

this ep world, its let me down, 

and the only emotions i can show is a frown :(

no one but nameless kept me here,

even then its a small strand,

why did i stay? why DO i stay?

because i hoped id be missed one day....

Sitchiba Sitchiba
Feb 23, 2010