So there I was, on the sofa watching Tv while eating a sandwich when I perceive a black dot moving on the sofa, getting each time closer to me. I focused my attention to it so I can see exactly what it is, it was a leaf cutter ant, so once I realized it I start screaming "what the ****?!", I took a pillow and hit the leaf cutter ant until it felt to the floor. My grandma, who where next to me started to jump and yelling at me what the hell was happening? I didn't pay too much attention to her, I was busy making sure the ant was dead but it wasn't so I kept screaming "what the ****?!" And hit the leaf cutter ant with the pillow but it didn't kill the ant so I ran to the table and took a notebook to kill the ant. My grandma kept yelling at me and jumping while my uncle started to get closer to know what was going on. I killed the leaf cutter ant with the notebook and everybody in the living room got closer to see what I was killing. when they saw the ant, my grandma started to laugh out loud and told me she thought I was fighting an scorpion, and my uncle got upset because I killed the little insect so he took it and yelled at me.

All that commotion because of a leaf cutter ant hahah. I got surprise because we live in a 9th floor, how could it possibly get into our apartment?
danjgust danjgust
22-25, M
Aug 23, 2014