A letter written to cure an unfinished matter; a matter I feel fit, not to be ignored for which I know it's been long; almost ten years.
If the issue has faded from your memory, which I doubt, I believe it's in my right to remind you of a past long gone but unforgotten. Ten years ago, you and I were students then in the same school, unfortunately had to go through an unpleasing situation. You called me out of my classroom and even went to the preposterous extent of verbally abusing me infront of my fellow students for reasons which I couldn't comprehend at that moment. Later it was known to me that your insensible as well as demeaning behaviour was the result of your close friend Mr. S, reporting to you of my sole and active role in spreading rumours about you as well as other boys in your class.The very news came with a shock for me and the feeling of being wrongly perceived along with facing your allegations completely unexpected left me in dark for awhile and thus making me unable to defend myself or making an effort to purge me off the accusations deceitfully made.I count the incident as the first serious blow which I received from the unfair ruthless world which I have only heard of.I was overwhelmed by emotions then, couln't pull myself together to prove my innocence,which for sure, I would have done if had the mettle.
After all these years, I believe that the incident has dawned on me an awareness which I was at a loss ten years ago. Now I find myself in a better place, mentally, physically and socially than any other time. So it's my utmost intent to let you know that ten years ago or from now, I was and I am least interested in you or your people. The allegations are far removed from truth, baseless and I can confidently assure you that the person who conveyed to you the knowledge of my hand at the rumours being spread against you and others would fail to surrender any substantial evidence if asked. Had it been a case of misunderstanding alone, I would have found a way to find them forgiving.But you took the matter to an extent of questioning my character, needless to mention the demeaning words you used in front of the public. I have to confess that the memory remains fresh;I would say an open wound in my psyche. I may not heal completely unless I stand up and confront them.
I will not be able forgive you or never will because of the following reasons
1.An unwillingness to look into the incident or to acknowlegde the wrong which you have commited in your dealings.
2.An apology out of an honest admittance of your unrefined, crude disposition which I would normally expect only in primitives.
I am the woman,someone you need to figure out or think atleast twice before making such allegations and for your doubts on my character, I loath to gain conduct certified from a person so insignificant. I have always been treated with respect and nothing less mostly because of the person of merit identified in me. I strongly disapprove of the way you treated me that day. There was an absence of effort from your part to discover whether I am at fault or not, which I feel that any sensible person would have done at the time, but you were quick to confront me, that too in an uncouth manner.
It's a shame and men like you, are I perceive to be the victims of poor upbringing and also a product of a patriarchal mindset, lacking in proper cultivation of mind and definitely setting bad example for the entire human race not to mention your own gender. Yes, ten years back, a boy verbally abused me infront of my peers and I cried. I am but now the woman who finally found the valour to discover the voice I have been searching for.It's a NO a loud and well meant one.
26-30, F
Apr 5, 2016