My Big Leap

So i've never been a wild girl, well at least i didn't know that until i met my husband. He brought the crazy out in me, probably because i love our sex life. Well a few months back we decided to include a third person for the experience. we started with a girl. At first i was a little iffy since i didn't know how to even start having sex with a girl. But you know i did my research and i liked it! We did it once and now we started speaking about having another three sum but adding a male. At first I was insanly freaked. I kept thinking to myself how could i have sex with two guys, but the thought did arouse me. After thinking about it i told my husband, "alright let's do it!" So as we looked for the right guy i was getting really nervous. After days and days of talking to guys we found the guy! Now, as we get closer to THE DAY i'm beginning to get extremely excited! Honestly I cant wait till i get two ***** slammed into me at once!

Counting the days!
miklosslutcocklovingwife miklosslutcocklovingwife
18-21, F
Dec 16, 2012