I DID NOT puke exorcist-style...  But my daughter did, and as she's a minor and cannot officially represent herself, I'm joining on her behalf to tell the story.  ;)

She was a year old.  Sitting in her high chair throwing Fruit Loops all over the floor (aren't kids great?)...  All of a sudden, she hiccupped REALLY loudly.  We all laughed at the look on her face and didn't think anything of it...

About three seconds later, another hiccup followed by (the sound Niagara Falls makes).  Vomit.  ALL OVER THE PLACE.  I was sitting in the living room, about ten feet from her, and it got me.  I swear her high chair had to have been pushed backwards from the sheer force of her explosion...  It was so awful at the time, but now it's hilarious...

And I would have to recommend AGAINST eating Fruit Loops when you're feeling nauseous.  If you vomit them up once, you'll probably vomit again looking at the first puddle...

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Glad she's okay!!!<br />
It is so scary when babies get sick; I hate it.


A couple of days. I didn't REALLY freak out until the Life-Flight people couldn't find a vein and then everyone disappeared into the office to "confer." >:< And of course, they wouldn't tell us ANYTHING, because that's what doctors apparently DO (not that I'm bitter or anything)... Anyhow, we finally got ahold of someone who brought up some popsicles and smuggled them into her room... ;) There are ways around all kinds of rules.

Oh my that must have been REALLY scarry. How long waw she in the hospital?

I was worried for awhile. She quit crying and whining altogether... Which, if you knew (or know, lol) my daughter, is very worrisome. We tried to tell the doctors about the popsicle thing, but it wasn't medically sound enough or something (or they just wanted to run our costs up as high as possible, I don't know) so they refused to try it. Until nothing else worked. She's A-OK now, though. Little tyrant. ;)

wow. i'm glad she was ok!

You're telling me! She ended up in the hospital, dehydrated. They couldn't get an IV in her--not even the NICU, or the lifeflight people--so she ended up drinking melted grape popsicles. :)

Poor baby...and poor mommy.

whoa. that's a lot of vomit for such a small person!