Yup...lumpy Pea Soup!

i used to work very long hours in a night club and only had a couple of days off during the week..sunday night and tuesday night.

we (the other staff who were not working those nights) made it the unofficial boozing night.

i went out with my friend and my sister and the other band of usual missfits....i drank everything and anything...j.d and coke. southern comfort and lemonade...red wine.....Sambucca!

in the end it was the sambucca's all NINE of them, one after another, that finished me off!

i puked and boy was it nasty..so nasty i passed out and woke up in hospital............................


i did not touch another drink after this episode for over a year!

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2 Responses Dec 17, 2007

Okay, I just had my laugh. Thank you for sharing :) Now I feel like getting drunk some time soon

Oh dear. Is it okay if I laugh? I feel sorry for you but it still sounds funny. I nearly did the same thing on my 18th birthday, i went berserk on a bottle of vodka and drank most of it myself on the rocks, lol.