Used to Do It All the Time

because as a baby, I had a relaxed esophagus, and projectile vomiting comes with the territory. 

As I grew, of course, it disappeared. 

Until today:

I went for a CAT-scan, and they made me drink TWO friggin' bottles of that horrible barium based stuff---so nasty---and then they proceeded to put iodine into my veins.  Now, let me tell you about iodine intravenously, if you haven't had the pleasure:  They pump it in, and your vein starts to sting, then your throat gets hot (not warm, hot!) then your groin area gets hot, then your throat, and chest, (so you feel like a hot elephant is sitting on you) then your whole body feels hot from the inside out, like you're being microwaved.  Then?  It stops.  Just as suddenly as they warned.   When the hot stopped for me, I was relieved, but then I had this mouth-watering sensation (not in a tasty sense) of impending throw-up action.  The feeling and watering wouldn't go away, even though I kept swallowing, and hoping it would stop.  The radiology tech came and held a plastic basin to catch the throw-up if it came, but when it did, (with such force, it hit the corner of the full-size multi-purpose plastic basin, and rode the corner like a skateboarder, and boomeranged then flew out the corner closest to me, and onto my freshly washed, shiny brown hair. 

She apologized, and they tried to clean the VOMIT out of my HAIR, but I had to come home when it was finished and let the shower run over me for a long time.  The one and only bright spot is that because I had to fast for the study, there was nothing but barium drink in my stomach, so although the vomit was slimy and disconcertingly uniformly white, it was at least not littered with chunks...
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2008

Uh... I've had 'near brain' surgery. I had two tumors removed from my pituitary gland... So I know a bit about the white, chalky, sickeningly sweet barium stuff. It sucks. I don't think it would have been so bad for me, if they hadn't made me chug it. I didn't have to have the iodine, ever, but I've been on morphine before, after the surgery. That stuff burns, but only for a couple of seconds. <br />
<br />
I tried to be nice to my nurses, too... But I had a urinary catheter, and I didn't want one. It felt like a violation, especially since I could get up and pee on my own. And, while 'hopped up' on drugs, I kept asking my nurses and my (now ex) fiance why the h-e-double hockey sticks I couldn't have my cat in the hospital with me, LOL.

WOW! It's times like this that all you can say is: THAT SUX! :O I also hear with those dye tests you feel like you peed on yourself, even though you don't. Did you feel that?