Black Snail Puke

Once I was on the city drinking some stuff with friends.
We talked about some things, which I feelt malvorent about, and suddenly after a while I puked. Dead black snails lay all over the drinking table, it's the most disturbing thing I have ever seen before, specially considering I have never eaten snails. Some got this snail stuff on them, it was quite... interesting.. one of the snails seemed to be partly alive, and I assure you this is true. Everyone around the table saw this, probably the whole tavern saw it, though I doubth anyone wanted a closer look at it. I went away to another bar after fixing myself, after that I have always keept away from weird discussions.

I can still recall all those black slimy snails on the table... did not expect myself to puke like that when I was not on guard.
Barlong Barlong
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2 Responses Jan 13, 2012

Wow, this is terrible but I had to smile a little, I am so sorry. I only smile because I imagined it happening to myself. If I had a story like this i would love telling it at dinner. I am weird like that. It did make me a little queasy though thinking about it.

I love telling nasty stuff around dinner as well... it's fun to make other sick.
The benefit, I get more food myself. :3
Though, I can lose my own appetite thinking about it.

You ate black snails?

I've never eaten snails in my life (I don't wish to eat slime), so no.

So how did you throw up black snails?

No reasonable explanation as I can see.