That's Just Silly

I couldn't live without laughing at everything.  Everything is rediculous and the more rediculous everything is the better life gets.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone do something absolutely mind boggling for no other reason that to make somebody else smile, if even for a moment, if even barely noticed.  I was waiting online at the DMV a few months ago and this little kid looks over his shoulder, as if to see if anyone was looking. When he noticed me sitting behind him, he looked me straight in the eys, and stuck his finger right up his nose, busted out laughing and blew snot all over himself.  I couldn't contain myself and cracked up right there in the quiet DMV and everyone looked at me and this 5 year old kid like we were crazy.  I wish every day was snot inducingly rediculous!

intothewoods intothewoods
Sep 7, 2008