Tickle Teasing

I go wild when being tickled and someone uses tickle teasing like coochie coochie coo, tickle tickle tickle, kitchy kitchy, does that tickle? etc. To me, it intensifies the tickling.I squirm more and laugh and laugh.The more its used the more I go insane.Are there others out there it has that effect on?
ginaticklish ginaticklish 31-35, F 9 Responses Oct 1, 2013

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Mm hmm! Love it, YUM!

Where are your most ticklish spots?

I totally agree it makes me giggle uncontrollably and definitely makes the tickling worse

It makes you feel helpless

Hi Gina!

I am an expert in verbal teasing while I tickle. I can say all kind of cute, sexy things while I run my stiff feather between your pretty toes and up and down your soft soles! Oh, your pretty little toes aren't ticklish now are they? Oh that's too bad! Such pretty little toes are just begging to be tickled aren't they my sweet? Kitchy, kitchy coo!

That's a good technique

Yes it can be too much. It has happened to me too.

Actually tickling me during sex will ABSOLUTELY RUIN THE MOMENT . . . It is almost painful . . . I think my nerves are SO SENSITIVE at that time that tickling is just too much. There have been times where this has happened and the other person thought it was humorous and wouldn't stop . . . and it pissed me off so bad I just shut it down and got up . . . LOL

yes me 2 ;)