Kitchy Kitchy Koo!

Does anyone know why people say Kitchy Kitchy Koo? Thoughts on the Kitchy Koo?

JesusistheTickler JesusistheTickler
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Is that what u say when u tickle people? Lol

I believe it comes from "tickle tickle tickle". Try repeating that phrase in a playful way and it naturally comes out "kitchy kitchy coo" or "coochie choochie coo"

Well the German word "KITZELN" means "tickle",<br />
so maybe "kitchy kitchy" is what they say in Germany.<br />
<br />
The word "GOOCHIE" is what drives me insane.<br />
If somebody just chases me going "GOOCHIE<br />
GOOCHIE!" I turn 5 years old again & go nuts lol<br />
before I ever collapse helpless on the ground <br />
and they start tickling for real!

pl, say the reson. i don't know

pl, say the reson. i don't know

I must admit that would get me giggling - "betcha can't say that three times fast" LOL

Well it could be a boo boo a gootchie wootchie woo woo! a bootchie boo boo a boo boo!

Merely playful taunts to further tease someone being tickled. I LOVE hearing those words and more - ai adds to the sensation of being tickled. But my wife feels it's silly and childish. *sigh*

Too bad for her. My B/F says \"Goochie Goochie- Kitchy Kitchy\" the
entire time he tickles my helplessly cuffed bare feet, and it makes
me lose my mind!