Alex tickles Britney
This story isn't true but cute
Hey babe says Alex! Hey says Britney to her boy friend of 6 months . So what u want to do till dinner with Ty and Cheryl? Hang here Claire's asleep ( Claire is Britney's daughter from another relationship she is 2) . Ok that's fine says Alex we can hang here and then I can help u. Get Claire ready to go to her dads tonight . Great says Britney thanks babe ! Your welcome . U know what says Alex? What says Britney I feel like torturing the **** out of u! Oh **** says Britney! Oh ya says Alex as he chases her ! Ha got u ***** he teases . He lifts Britney up and tosses her over his shoulder ! U know what he says I'm gonna get your piggies right here so u can't hide them! Oh **** no please begs Britney! Too late says Alex.
This little piggy went to the market
This little piggy stayed home
This little piggy had roast beef
This little piggy had none
This little piggy on the end right here goes wwweeeeeeeeeee all the way home! As he did this he tickled in between her toes! Britney's laughing like crazy! U ok babe teases Alex! U suck she teases ! Oh ya says Alex u r in no position to say that to me . He tosses her on the couch then sits on her waist . Man you got me so bad says Britney . Oh I'm not done yet says Alex. This cute little belly button looks like it has tickles on it! He blows on Britney's belly button for 2 minutes! Ahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahhahhahhahahahah! **** stop it ! Ok ok says Alex laughing I was loosing my breath any ways . Babe please don't get my ribs begs Britney. Ok deal says Alex after I tortured them last night after u tickled the loving ******* crap and **** out of me says Alex. So it's time for some side pokes poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke ! Ehhehhehhehhehehhehhehehhehehhehehhehhehhhhehehheh! What time is it giggles Britney? 3:20 says Alex . Oh man I've got to go wake miss Claire we have to leave at 4:30 and take her to todd at 5:00 then meet ty and Cheryl at 5:30 at lone star then. Go to the movies says Britney . What movie is it asked Alex ? U little tricker I can't tell u that. Pitts or tell teases! Nope says Britney . Fine u tickle ***** your getting your pitties tickled ! 3 minutes later sssssssssttttttttoooooooopppppppppppppppp iiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttt! Quit it giggles Britney! Tell me them or I get the belly . No says Britney ok ok I'll tell u. We r going to see glory road at the old fashioned theater. Great says Alex ! Mommy calls Claire ! Coming sweetie says Britney . I love u Alex says Britney as he lets her up I love u too Britney says Alex.
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Aug 18, 2014