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I Didn't Realise Tickling Made Me Horny Until...

My new boyfriend has a fetish for feet.  A few weeks ago I indulged him for the first time and allowed him to tie me to my bed. He proceeded to tickle the bottoms of my feet for a long time.
I’m a very ticklish person and I laughed and screamed. I couldn’t even curl my toes as he’d somehow tied those too.
All of a sudden and without warning I had an ******, but I wasn’t aware I was aroused. His scratching my soles went from hideous torture to making it one of the most intense ******* I have had.
Is it normal to experience ****** just from having your feet tickled? Or to experience spontaneous ****** without first feeling aroused? My BF hadn’t seen it happen before (though he thought it was the coolest thing ever!) and I’ve been quite nervous about putting myself through it again.

Anyway, two days ago...

 I decided to bite the bullet and submit my feet to my BF again. The fact he was so pleased that I suggested it was a turn on in itself.

It tickled unbearably and if I hadn't been tied I wouldn't have been able to take it (seems that my second toe is a particularly terrifying spot), but I was at least in a frame of mind to accept it this time.

We maintained a lot of eye contact while he tickled and I came... twice. I still find it weird - just before and while I was ******* the tickling became the most pleasurable thing imaginable but then straight afterwards became more intollerable than at the start (if you follow!?). Why does it change about like that?

He just kept on going and after the most ticklish minute or so in my life I came again. After the second ****** the tickling was just too much to bear and I asked BF to stop, which he did.

The sex that followed was monumental and intense, if a little brief (BF told me afterwards he was about ready to *** when I had my second tickle ******). But with my feet on his shoulders as I came he again tickled them and the length of my ****** almost knocked me cold.

So who knew that foot tickling could be used for good as well as evil?! I'm 32 and I know nothing!

I don't think I could handle it all the time, but as a wildcard it's pretty thrilling.

Now I think you should all run along and get your tootsies tied!

rtd77 rtd77 31-35, F 7 Responses Jun 6, 2010

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what an amazing way to *** and ***

can i tickle ur feet......if i tickle ur feed.......i'll not stop even u beg me,,,,,,,,r u ready........

I have experienced ******* while being tied down and tickle tortured but the amount of precum is amazing.

An amazing story! What a lucky boyfriend indeed!

very lucky man. not enough chicks like you, that i know of...

Your boy friend is very lucky to find a woman who likes a man to play and tickle her feet. I wish I could find such a woman.

Wonderful story! Your BF is very fortunate that you let him fulfill his foot tickling wishes with you...The fact that you ****** from the intense tickling sessions is a tickler's dream come true. When I was married I would tie my wife's feet to the bed and tickle them until she had reached a point where she wanted to ******...I would stimulate her/rub/finger her and she claimed that they were the best she had ever experienced. Whenever we made love after a tickle session it was always fantastic. But she was never brought to ****** JUST by the tickles themselves as you are.<br />
<br />
You're right. Usually after the ****** the tickling becomes intolerable because your body is now ultra sensitive from the ticklish ordeal it has just experienced. All the nerve endings are wide open and exposed. It takes a while for your body to go back to normal and de-sensitize itself to its original state.<br />
<br />
I hope you and your BF experience more erotic pleasure as he tickles you to ecstasy! Please share any new stories that develop from your tickle foreplay...!