Horny Foot Tickle

Im new here. Just joined today. Here is my first story


One of my more recent experiences with getting horny while tickling someone came about when I was giving a female friend on mine a foot massage.

Everytime I give her a foot massage she either falls asleep or goes into a deep trance with a very far away look on her face. (Didn't know I hand that kind of abilities)

Anyway, during this I decided to playfully tickle her feet while I rubbed them. It only lasted for a minute or 2, but she giggled and squeaked like crazy and before long I started getting very, very horny. (She kinda noticed it to)  I stopped because I was out with friends and didn't want anyone to notice.

She knows I have a foot and tickle fetish, so she didn't mind it, (btw she doesn't have a foot or tickle fetish). Then she accidentally ran her foot over my shaft (accidentally, yeah right lol.). I gave her one last quick tickle and went back to giving her a massage. Luckily for me, none of our other friends were nearby to see any of it.

Lets just say, I had a very pleasent sleep that night

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come find me then alicia87. I also give wonderful massages as well ;)

well thank you for commenting. nice to meet you

tickle fetish is fun no! im only talking to u cause ur close to my age and im also new to this and the older guys kinda creep me out

with her. nope<br />
<br />
with someone else. yes indeed ;)

hmmmmm............ could lead to interesting things :)