Tickling Storys

my storys on being tickled

story 1
me and my brother was hiding behind my uncle bobs chair in the lounge
so my brother decided to to poke my uncle and ran in the bedroom and hid under the bed covers.i was still in the lounge hidden behind uncle bobs chair
my aunt said poke him and dont let him see u do it. so i poked him and ran fast into the bedroom and hid under the bed covers. so then uncle bobs comes in and looks for us and he went to my brothers bed and he saw something under the covers and he then tickles him. but i moved but he saw it then i got tickled like mad.

story 2
me my cousins and my uncle ray were all in the lounge
me and my cousin decided to get uncle ray to sit on the floor and all of us were running round the coffee table and my cousin hanna got caught and tickled by uncle ray then my cousin kalee was caught and tickled then my carlene was was tickled but i ran up the stairs but my uncle ray chased me but got me and went bk down stairs and put me on the floor and he really tickled me.

story 3
my old school mate simon and my mate alan
they both really love tickling me all the time they no how ticklish i am. i do try and get my own back but i get tickled even more.
i love being tickled
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4 Responses Sep 21, 2012

I would love to tie you down and tickle you nude that would be good I would love every minute of that

i would love to tickle you

pls do

good job you like to be tickled

yes all so i like to get revenge

I love your stories.It's so great to see a beautiful lady that's into tickling.